Infinity Nado is an animation series that explores the story of a mysterious phenomenon which happened 13 years ago. Somewhere on the planet Earth, a gyro-type tower suddenly falls from the sky, along with 20 Infinity Nado players inside. Upon descent, the Infinity Nado players had gathered together to form an Infinity Nado town. The story will follow the adventure of four Infinity Nado players: Jin owner of the Wind Elf, Dawn owner of the Fire Elf, Davis owner of the Earth Elf and Cecilia owner of the Water Elf. With their special and powerful skills and Nados, they formed a "balanced", "offensive", "persistent" and "defensive" super-powerful team. As the plot thickens, the four youths finally sneak into the Infinity Nado tower to challenge the top players. Along the way they also discover the dark and evil plan of the other Infinity Nado players which is to reform the planet Earth and destroy mankind. For justice and peace, Jin, Dawn, Davis and Cecilia enter the center of the tower to stop its rotation and eventually defeat the wicked Infinity Nado players.