Pt Satuvisi Abadi|Onevision Entertainment is an entertainment company which focusing in TV program syndication, Theatrical & DVD Distribution, Home Entertainment and Merchandising & Licensing Agent.

2011 : Establishment of Perseroan Terbatas, PT Satuvisi Abadi, a limited company, under and by
virtue of the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, Notary Deed no. 4/ January 2011,Izin Usaha Perfilman (IUP) - Film Business License No,164/EDAR/PP-FS.RV.

Company Name : PT Satuvisi Abadi|Onevision Entertainment 

Core Business : TV Program Syndication, Movie Dsitributor, Merchandise Licensing, Toy Distributor, Advertising Agency

Founder : Mr.Agus Simarmata – CEO/Managing Director

Contact :